GSPE Resolution in Support of Georgia Amendment 1

The Georgia Society of Professional Engineers strongly encourages GSPE members to support Georgia Amendment 1, also known as House Resolution 165.

This amendment would ensure that fees and taxes collected for specific purposes are actually used for those intended purposes. Currently, a significant portion of professional engineer licensing fees are directed to the state general fund rather than the Professional Engineers and Land Surveyor’s (PELS) licensing board. Furthermore, fees paid to the Hazardous Waste Trust Fund and the Solid Waste Trust Fund are not fully utilized for their designated purposes. Amendment 1 would better protect public health, safety, and welfare.

The GSPE board has adopted the following resolution in support of Georgia Amendment 1.

Atlanta Metro Presentation

September 14, 2020 the Atlanta Metro Chapter will again have a presentation for a PDH. Due to virus concerns we will again have it online only at

Make sure you click that notification icon to be alerted when this event is ready to start as well as for information on future events.

This presentation will be by Jason Borenstein, Ph.D., the Director of Graduate Research Ethics Programs and Associate Director of the Center for Ethics and Technology at the Georgia Institute of Technology and he will be talking about AI and Ethics: An Overview of Challenges and Opportunities.

Hope you’ll enjoy!

GSPE President on Atlanta Business Radio

Hear our 2020 President, Roger Grabman, P.E., interviewed on Atlanta Business Radio.

Collaborative Robots PDH

Here is the latest PDH presented at the Atlanta Metro Chapter meeting on 14Oct2019. This one was all about Collaborative Robots. If you don’t know what that is, be sure to check out the video and learn all about them. We hope you enjoy.

Video, Voice, and Data, a PDH

This Professional Development Hour (PDH) was presented on 18Sep2017 at the Atlanta Metro Chapter of the Georgia Society of Professional Engineers by Steve Strong, P.E., COO of Televes USA with the topic of “Video, Voice, and Data in 2017”.

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